Gail “For Rail” Parker


Gail Parker


Gail Cares
Gail brings the desire and dedication to offer a new and exciting energy to Virginia, addressing issues of the Environment (rail transit, clean air and clean water), Democracy and Fiscally Conservative and Socially Responsible policy.


Reasons to support Gail
Gail will put her years of experience as a financial manager of the Air Force’s $11-23 billion dollar Research and Development program to work to support and introduce fiscally conservative and socially responsible government.

h2 About Gail “for Rail” Parker

Gail’s Family:
Gail is very proud of her children and grandchildren. Gail understands family concerns.
Two of Gail’s three children went to Hayfield High School. Her daughter, Sonya, graduated from George Mason University.
Gail is a woman of strong faith and Virginia values. Gail has a strong religious upbringing.

Gail’s Background:
Gail’s graduate degree is in Business Administration, her undergrad degree is in Business Management.  Gail holds a certificate in Software Engineering Administration equivalent to a second master’s degree and is a certified Information System Security Professional.  Gail has a love of nature, having been born in Athens, Arkansas and raised in rural Oklahoma.

Gail’s Community Involvement:

  • 22 years - Reservist US Air Force Officer (Ret)
  • 34 years - dedicated and loyal US Civil Servant
  • 12 years - election official
  • Fairfax Federation of Citizen’s Associations
  • Washington Region Council of Governments Transporation
    Planning Board Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Federally Employed Women
  • Reserve Officer’s Association
  • National Association Retired Federal Employees
  • American Association of Retired Persons
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • League of Women Voters
  • The American Legion

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